17 August 2013

Stage One finished!

The slab's been poured, and it looks pretty good. The concrete plinth with the bits of steel rod and plastic pipe sticking out of it is for the bales to sit on.

View from the south east corner

Ramp down to the pit where the composting shitter's bin goes.

The paddock's really green, and the nanoforest looks fantastic. The wattles are starting to bloom again. On a recent trip (not the one where I took these photos), I saw a euro in the scrub and tried to photograph it. Unfortunately the camera is not real flash, and it didn't really show up. About a minute later, I saw three of them bound out of the trees, jump about the paddock a bit, then turn and go back into the trees.

Now I need an estimate from the builder for the frame and roof, so I know how much money I need to borrow to finish it.