09 July 2016

Everything is right with the world

I was up at the Doomstead today, to do a bit of preparation and preposition some stuff for future work.

The builder has finished his bit of the build and fixed the defects.

The Eastern end

From the Northwest

My front door
On the way out, I saw some feral jonquils

and an echidna! A real live wild fucken echidna! I've never seen one before in my life and I was so stoked.

25 June 2016

A few minor speed humps along the way

The builder didn't manage to finish his part of the build due to bad weather. (I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be wrestling with a 6 metre length of roofing iron in sideways rain. He's been on another job for the last couple of weeks, but will get back to mine next week.

There are also a few defects which need to be fixed before I start laying bales, as they'd be impossible to fix afterwards.

Anyway, here are the latest photos.

The electrician at work

The kitchen window

The western end, clad

03 June 2016

Yet more progress

The builder has the roof on, and the electrician has made a start. I'm going up on Monday, and there will be photos.

20 May 2016

There has been serious progress on the Doomstead

The builder started on the frame this week, and has made great progress.

This is the view from the north east.

Here's the view from the ghost of the kitchen sink. (The pile of dirt will go.)

I'm stoked. The frame, wet area cladding, and roof should be done in another couple of weeks at the most, then I can start laying the bales.

13 May 2016


The builder will be starting on the frame and roof next week, and reckons it will be up by the end of May. I've also just taken delivery of the straw bales, which are taking up one bay of my shed, so I'll be able to start on the walls as soon as the builder has finished.

It's finally happening!

18 February 2016

Another small step

I had a site meeting with the builder yesterday. Depending on the availability of straw bales, we may be able to restart construction in early April. There are a few preparatory jobs we can get done in the mean time. I need to get a small shed up with a concreted floor for the batteries, inverter, generator, etc, and there are a couple of minor problems with the slab which can be easily fixed.

The place is looking great - surprisingly green for this time of year because of the rain we had the other day. I saw a brown snake sunning himself (until he spotted me and slithered away), and a hare.

More later, when I find out about the bales.

Update: Bale Dude rang back, and he has bales available, which he can deliver in mid-April. Huzzah!

Update to update:  The builder had a few delays, and other work. Quote finally delivered, and he's hoping to start at the beginning of May.