18 February 2016

Another small step

I had a site meeting with the builder yesterday. Depending on the availability of straw bales, we may be able to restart construction in early April. There are a few preparatory jobs we can get done in the mean time. I need to get a small shed up with a concreted floor for the batteries, inverter, generator, etc, and there are a couple of minor problems with the slab which can be easily fixed.

The place is looking great - surprisingly green for this time of year because of the rain we had the other day. I saw a brown snake sunning himself (until he spotted me and slithered away), and a hare.

More later, when I find out about the bales.

Update: Bale Dude rang back, and he has bales available, which he can deliver in mid-April. Huzzah!

Update to update:  The builder had a few delays, and other work. Quote finally delivered, and he's hoping to start at the beginning of May.

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