16 November 2010

The week in review, and other matters

Well. It's been raining a bit up on the paddock, according to the BoM's radar maps and rainfall observations, and I need to slash it in preparation for the bushfire season.

When I was last up there, the fucking tractor battery was too flat to start the engine. That probably had a bit to do with it having just sat there, connected to the tractor, since I last used it a year ago. I've had it on a battery charger for several days, so hopefully it'll kick it over this time. I'm going up for the weekend (if things go well), so I should be able to slash the paddock, and run around the perimeter with the brush cutter. (Or come back Saturday night, cursing the cost of new tractor batteries.)

Update: I need a new tractor battery, dammit.


  1. My old man had to use the rusting hulk of an ancient Massey-Ferguson recently, when his fancy new John Deere jobby broke down.

    The old one's got a crank-handle attachment, you see - for your very predicament. I wonder if you could retrofit one to the starter of a new model?

    Got any engineer buddies with time on their hands?

  2. Mine isn't quite that old, FDB. It was built in Geelong in the late 60's, I think.

    I don't know that I'd really be wanting to hand-crank a 3 litre diesel motor at my time of life anyway.

  3. Don't you leave it on a hill so you can roll down and throw clutch to start? No need for battery. Or just jump start off car.

  4. aah i see its deisel

  5. Tried jump-starting it. Didn't work, but nearly melted the cables.

    Roll-starting isn't really an option either, as I keep it in a shed.