07 December 2010

Biblical floods

I reckon the Robertstown Lagoon will have a bunch of water in it. (A mate of mine, when I told her I'd bought a paddock in the Robertstown Valley, asked if it was in the lagoon, having grown up in the area. Fortunately I was able to reassure her.)

So. I have a new tractor battery, purchased at a discount price (it had some scratches, or something), but it's too fucking wet to go up there. I reckon I'd bog the ute on the way over the creek. I was planning on going up this weekend, but I don't see the point. I've missed the opportunity to slash at the right time for weed control, and I reckon it'll be too fucking wet to burn until about March (which is all the Council cares about).

Update: Still too wet to go up (12th Dec). Maybe next weekend.


  1. Shit, if you don't get a run of dry weather soon there's gonna be a lot of really pissed off farmers up there!

    I see the tothill range/robertstown wind farm is going ahead BTW, any chance of wrangling some work out of it Dave?


  2. Dunno about work. I offered them the use of my paddock to put a turbine in, though.

    I reckon the farmers'd already be pissed off, btw - last time I was up there was a lot of wheat almost ready to harvest.